An Architect Made Floating Homes, And They Are Hurricane-Proof


LIVING IN A WATER WORLD We know that people are the largest source of gas emissions, with a majority of greenhouse gases coming from us burning fossil fuels for heat and transportation. These emissions led to global warming, which in turn increased the temperatures of our ocean water. Earlier this year, we saw the consequences of […]

Dubai to get the world’s first rotating skyscraper by 2020


The “Dynamic Tower” was proposed by Israeli-Italian architect back in 2008. Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher proposed the Dynamic Tower — a 420-metre, 80-floor rotating skyscraper back in 2008. It was proposed back in the day as the world’s first pre-fabricated skyscraper with 40 factory-built modules for each floor. It appears like the plan has finally met approval. News […]

Wall-Mounted or Floor-Mounted WC (Commode)?


One needs to choose between a wall-mounted or floor-mounted WC at the initial stage of bathroom renovation or design so that the plumbing layout can be planned and laid accordingly. These WCs (water closets) are made in vitreous china and are available in a variety of designs; the preferred standard colours are usually ivory or […]

Instagrammable Hotel Bathrooms


The Most Instagrammable Hotel Bathrooms in the World These stunning designs have no bad angles TEXT BY SYDNEY WASSERMAN Posted September 1, 2017 The Henrietta Hotel, London Photographer: Karel Balas One of the best things about staying in a hotel is momentarily pretending that the room is actually your home. Like, you totally have a king-size bed […]

Forest City


A pollution-fighting green city unlike any before is springing to life in China. Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the first “Forest City” is now under construction Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. The futuristic city will use renewable energy for self sufficiency and be blanketed in almost 1 million plants and 40,000 trees—a sea of greenery capable of absorbing nearly 10,000 […]

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