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Spartek, the pioneers in ceramic floor tiles in India, revolutionized the flooring industry in the mid-80’s. So much so that it quickly achieved a generic and even an iconic status. Spartek has the distinction of having the first Vitrified Tiles plant not only in India but in the entire South East Asia as well. It was also the only Asian company to export Premium Vitrified tiles to Italy, the home of tiles.



SPARTEKONSTRUCT is the Precast Construction division of Spartek. It has been started with an aim to be the leading market player in building precast structures. Spartek precast division is also into manufacturing different precast elements like Walls, Slabs, Beams, Columns, Drains, Toilet pods etc.



Spartekoncrete is a high-performance mineral-based Concrete Enhancer. This new and unique product is quick setting, self-compacting, and gains early strength, making it a truly high performance concrete. Spartekoncrete is also into Concrete Floor Polishing which is widely used in Airports, Automobile showrooms, Warehouses, Car Parking and Industrial Floors. It is a far superior replacement for expensive Marbles, Granites and Vitrified Tiles.